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The Beginning [25.07.17]

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The Beginning [25.07.17]

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:42 pm

Forum Canon beings right after the Events of ACOWAR.

Hybern has fallen.

Whispers of the Sorcerer lurking upon the Continent grow ever louder.

The Courts, once united, now fall to suspicion and resentment as they must repair the damage they suffered.

Spring is a ruin of its former self, and Tamlin has be declared an Enemy of Prythian, denounced as The High Lord of Spring. With no ruler to restore it, what shall become of it?

Beron grows more paranoid by the day, certain that someone is plotting his downfall.

Tarquin struggles to rebuild after the constant devastation of the attacks, and worse, rumors that there are spies in his court.

Winter is plagued by famine, and the demand for a High Lady as well as a High Lord, by none other than Vivienne herself.

Night tastes peace for the first time in centuries, but with Velaris revealed and the Court of Nightmares prowling, how long can that last?

Dawn hordes secrets to itself, and a technology that threatens to destroy not only the Kingdom, but all Seven realms and beyond.

Worst of all, Day searches for an heir, for news that Helion's days are numbered have hit the gossip of the masses like an infection.


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