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How ACOTAR Works

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How ACOTAR Works

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:59 pm

So you've decided to try RPing on this ACOTAR RP site and you arrive, see all these forums, and honestly your first reaction is: What. The. F*ck?

Or maybe you're more polite than me, and think What The Flip, or What the Squiddly Doodly Doo. I don't know. I don't want to God-Mod you.

Point is, you'd like some directions.

So here I am, to provide words of not particularly wise wisdom.

Upon arrival, here is what you should do:

1. Read the Rules. They're pretty basic, but I will be enforcing them.
2. Read this. Good job you. Good job to your eyes too.
3. Decide if you want to make and Original Chaarcter of your Own, or roleplay with a Canon Character.
4. If the former, head over to WIP Characters and start filling out a form for your own character. When they're complete, copy and paste that bad boy/girl/other the Pending Approval Forum. Here, I shall double check your character is not crazy over-powered or a complete Mary-Sue, and if they pass the pretty basic check, they're all good to go. I'll then move them into the Approved Characters Section. Once they're here, you can use them ANYWHERE else in the forum.
5. If you want to play a Character that already exists within the Canon of Sarah J Maas's Books, please visit the Canon Characters Section to see who is available to play, and fill out the required form. You will be notified via Private Message if you have been allocated the requested Character ASAP. PLEASE NOTE THAT Canon Characters cost 'points' to purchase (See below) so you will first have to create an original character to earn points with, before you are able to afford any of SJM's dashing babies.

Now, just so you know, the 'Forum Canon' takes place Post ACOWAR. All catagories with [CORE] as a prefix refer to forums and RP threads occuring within Forum Canon.


If you're thinking, 'fuck that, I want to play IN the books. or BEFORE the books. Or just not worrying about whatever other people are doing' You can go to The Out of Forum/Book Canon Catagory. There, you can choose which Timeline you'd like to play in (Pre-ACOTAR, ACOTAR, ACOMAF, ACOWAR, or Post-ACOWAR) and make whatever the FUCK up as you see fit. It doesn't even have to be canon compliant. Cassian can be a dog for all I care. COOL.


Canon Characters that are claimed can only be Roleplayed by their 'Players' (listed on the Claimed Characters List) in the [CORE] Roleplays
HOWEVER, in The non Canon-Compliant Roleplays, ANYONE can roleplay them. Hell, you could have six Azriels all making out with each other. Go wild.

Don't want to RP in the ACOTAR Universe, but fancy using the characters? Head over to the AU section and set up a roleplay in another universe, using whichever characters you like. THESE DO NOT NEED TO BE CLAIMED.

The aim of this forum is to cater to ALL of your ACOTAR Roleplay needs, so if anything isn't working for you, LET ME KNOW (either message the Admin on this site, or better yet, message me on Tumblr @SquadDreamCourt). Or, drop by in the 'suggestions' section!

6. So now you have a character. What to do next? Post in the 'Find Some Partner(s)' land, or check out some request threads there. Browse some characters and see who you fancy 'meeting' with your character(s), or post your own and see who feels in the mood to roleplay with you.
7. Once you and a person/some people have decided on a roleplay idea to write, be it a scene, an adventure, an epic quest, or just a make-out/hanky-panky session to write out, decide where it should be posted. If it complies with the canon of the Forum, put it in a [CORE] location which corresponds to WHERE it is occurring. If it is totally out of forum/book canon, post it either there, or in an AU forum. Whatever you need, it SHOULD be listed.
9. Have fun roleplaying until your heart is content.

10. For every roleplay thread your and your partner's complete, you shall receive an 'Experience Point' per page the roleplay spanned, plus a 5 point bonus for completing a thread! (e.g a 1 page roleplay earns you both 6 points, a 10 page RP earns you both 15 points).  
10b. If something super awesome happens in the RP, you write an fantastic post, or something is particularly heart wrenching or emotional, you can be awarded instant bonus points for how frickin' awesome that shit is by a mod/admin. Please note that these will be fairly uncommon.
11. When you wish to earn your character powers, you can spend your Experience Points at the Power Shop. Just submit a request for the character + and the powers you want to add and once it's all approved, they'll be SUPER POWERED. (Or at least a little snazzier) OR you can use those points to buy Unclaimed Canon Character Roles to play with as well!

If you dunno WHAT WHAT WHAT is going on in the Forum at the moment you log on, please refer to the Core Storyline Page. This will be updated as the Forum Story unfolds.

Any questions? Message me! I'm here to be helpful!


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