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literarynonsense's oc woooooo! (wip)

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literarynonsense's oc woooooo! (wip)

Post by literarynonsense on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:50 pm

Name: Veda Ogrieri i Rosi

Nickname(s): Vi

Age: 138

Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight ace

Race: high fae

Race Strengths: longevity, magic, quick healing

Race Weakness: general snobbiness, susceptible to ashwood

Powers: healing

Occupation: healer/apothecary

Wealth/Affluence/Power: Has little wealth on her own, though her father’s family is wealthy

Personality: quiet, reserved, doesn’t like being the center of attention, observant, introverted, kinda crazy, says things without thinking which can be offputting

Skills: specializes in treating poisons and knows a lot about natural medicine

Likes: quiet, gardening, the smell of pine trees in the woods, music, flowers

Dislikes: overcrowded places, obnoxious High Fae, too many people

Hobbies: gardening, writing/playing music, reading

Phobias: large groups of people, UtM

Birthplace: The Dawn Court

Current Residence: She has a room in her family’s manor in the Dawn Court, but she lives and has an apothecary shop in Velaris.  

History:  Veda was born to one of the lesser noble families in the Dawn Court.  Her mother died giving birth to her and her father remarried another noble, who’s the biological mom of the rest of her siblings.  She specialized in healing and visited Velaris to speak to one of their healers about opening a clinic but then Amarantha did her thing UtM and she was forced to stay.  She opened the clinic in the Night Court until Feyre freed everyone, and then went back to the Dawn Court to make sure her family was ok.  Now she travels between the two courts, but spends most of her time in Velaris.

Family:  She’s the oldest child of four, two of the other three are twins.
Father- Villo Ogrieri i Rosi  
Mother- Dia Ogrieri i Rosi
Step-Mother- Isha Ogrieri i Rosi
The twins: Valda Ogrieri i Rosi & Valeska Ogrieri i Rosi
Brother- Valen Ogrieri i Rosi

Friends: She has a small circle of friends because of her introverted nature.  Her best friends are Iris Aldo, and Iris’ brother Aleksi.  Both are from the Night Court and are musicians in Velaris.

Relationships:  Had a short fling with another healer during the war with Hybern.  Has a celebrity crush on Jakobi Laurent, who's a popular musician in Velaris.  Aleksi has liked her for years, but she doesn’t like him back, and is too scared to talk to him about it.

Appearance: tawny brown skin, black hair, brown eyes.  Wears a prosthetic on her left leg in replace of her lost one.  

Tattoos:  Veda has three tattoos.  One is a bargain with Iris, promising to never leave Velaris (it’s more for the aesthetic than an actual bond.  Doesn’t really bind Veda to anything, but Iris insisted).  It’s a string of dots curling up her left forearm.  The second she got once Feyre broke the curse UtM, and it’s a star on the inside of her left wrist.  The third is a circle of lilies, which she got in honor of her father and siblings.  It’s behind her right ear.

Birthmarks & Scars: She has a birthmark on the inside of her left knee and one that’s shaped like a tiny hourglass on her right thigh.  She also has lots of scars on her lower left thigh, because she lost her leg in the war with Hybern.  Her skin healed over shrapnel, so she had to get her leg amputated.  

Weapons: Small dagger

Other carried items: creams for her scars, flower seeds, whichever book she’s reading, identification to give her access to certain medical texts or herbs/salves/new plant seeds/poisons, worn map of Velaris, keys to her apartment


“The best way not to get poisoned is to poison yourself.  Immunity is important.”
(To which Iris immediately responded with, “I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not.  You’re creepy like that.”)
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