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The Lay of the Land

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The Lay of the Land

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:46 pm

So even something by SquadDreamCourt has rules.

Surprising as that is, they're fairly simple.

So, here be the rules:

1. Respect your fellow roleplayers. Banter all you like, but bullying, harassment, or hate is not tolerated here. Unless it's between your characters. In which case, I'll be munching on popcorn and cheering them on. But between real people? No flaming allowed here.
2. No God-Modding - Do not control other people's characters. You cannot say 'Liliana punched them, and they fell over unconscious'. Only whoever you're RPing with can decide how their character reacts to your attacks. Of course, if they give you permission to kill/beat up their character, go wild.
3. This Site is more than accepting of 18+ Material. However, if your character sheet or RP thread is going to contain 18+ content, please tag it so (see below for 18+ content).
4. No images of anyone below the age of 18 that is pornographic in nature/in a pornographic context. Write whatever you want, but no pictures please.
5. Think of this as AO3. Write whatever you want. BUT TAG IT. This can be done in the title, or at the TOP OF YOUR ROLEPLAY.
6. Homophobia, Racism, Transphobia, Abelism, or Sexism against members of this community with not be tolerated. Hate speech of any kind is a no-go.
7. If you're writing 18+ content, or anything that is known as a 'trigger' topic, please be considerate and run it by your partner first.

HOW TO TAG: To 'tag' something, write the trigger/warning/information in square brackets. Here are some examples:

Hip Funky Roleplay [OPEN, 18+]
Deep Dark Roleplay [Closed, Gore, Violence]
Sexy Roleplay [Closed, 18+, BDSM]

18+ Content is anything that is explicitly sexual or SUPER EXTREME violence. People can make-out without it being 18+, but as soon as the pants come off and things get described touched, that's an 18+ tag right there.

One last thing:
The tag [OPEN] means anyone and everyone is free to just come along and join in with a roleplay. This can be changed at a later date, but until then, it's an open party.
Thus, [Closed] means no one else may join in a roleplay other than those who have already been invited to the roleplay by the Original Player.


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