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bookscatsandcoffee's rad new OC (WIP)

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bookscatsandcoffee's rad new OC (WIP)

Post by bookscatsandcoffee on Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:59 pm

Name: Julia
Nickname(s): Jules
Age: 74
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Race: High Fae
Race Strengths: Immortality, heightened senses and strength
Race Weakness: A bad sense of time and some ingrained prejudice issues

Powers: Gonna trade in some points for "capable with a weapon" (her staff) and "healing others"

Occupation: Traveling healer
Wealth/Affluence/Power: Her parents were more well known than she is since she's constantly moving around, but she is still fairly popular and well-off as a healer
Personality: Reserved, blunt, with a dry sense of humor. Keeps to herself but will always be willing to help those in need.
Skills: A good healer and knows how to defend herself with her staff. Has a good memory and loved to listen and repeat old folk tales that her mother would share
Likes: Collecting all kinds of folk tales and listening to folk music. Is very interested in places like the Middle, where all of the creatures from bedtime stories reside. Her horse, Ruby. Braiding matching flowers in her and Ruby's hair
Dislikes: Getting attached. Dishonesty. People that are unreasonable. The rain. Cold weather, baths, and really anything cold in general.
Hobbies: Reading, learning new stories, training, grooming her horse. If there's a play or a concert in a town she's passing through, she'll usually try to stay and see it.
Phobias: Heights. Bears. Getting sold out like her parents
Kinks: (Optional)

Birthplace: A forgotten little village in the Spring Court
Current Residence: Traveling around Spring
History: Her parents were very popular and strong healers in their area, but were sold out and taken away during Amarantha's reign. Her parents helped her escape in time to survive, and she lived under the radar in hiding like most others in their court during that time. Once the land was free again, she began to take up an occupation in healing like her parents, but never stays in one place for too long for fear of being betrayed.
Family: Yeah none
Friends: Her horse, Ruby
Relationships: She's had a few flings here and there in some of the towns she's stayed in, but nothing serious

Appearance: Shoulder-length brown hair that has some sun-streaks in it. Hazel eyes. Lots of freckles from traveling in the sun. Has an average build from traveling and doing some minor workouts before bed every night
Tattoos: Has each of her parents names around both wrists like bracelets
Birthmarks & Scars:
Attire: Is in riding leathers most of the time. She has a lighter tunic for the occasional prolonged stay in a town. Considered a tomboy for the Spring Court probably
Weapons: A fairly durable carved staff
Other carried items: Some basic healing herbs, her pack that she keeps her snacks, some horse feed, and a change of clothes in.


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