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Maybe Amrens-Jeweley OC Eventually

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Maybe Amrens-Jeweley OC Eventually

Post by amrens-jewelry on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:24 pm

(OMG I'm the first??? I'm probably not doing this right?)
Name: Aerilyn
Nickname(s): Aeri or Lyn
Age: I don't even really understand aging for High Fae, but um 519 is a cool number I guess
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Race: High Fae
Race Strengths: More influence in society, speed, strength, healing
Race Weakness: Apparently no human heart. Um, prejudice against lesser fae, no wings T.T, I mean honestly SJM didn't five them many weaknesses.

Powers: She's from the Autumn Court, so I guess fire eventually

Occupation: She was a spy, then retired to become a healer, but the war against Hybern caused her to briefly become a spy again
Wealth/Affluence/Power: She has some power because of her value as a spy, but is not very rich
Personality: Suspicious, highly competitive, confident
Skills: Healing, stealth, can wink really well, also if in modern au could sing all of Hamilton and make fabulous shitposts
Likes: She likes Mor, heights, sleeping under three blankets, women defending each other, those fox messengers from the winter court, cinnamon rolls, pretty eyes, the smell of coffee, the Prythian equivalent of Dove soap, drinking, winning, getting validation, the night sky, the color purple, math, finishing a good book
Dislikes: Anyone besides Mor. (I kid). She dislikes finishing a good book, stupid assholes, the sound of nails on a chalkboard, being told what to do, mornings, bananas, everything
Hobbies: Writing shit, reading, getting really drunk, getting into stupid fights,
Phobias: Spiders, ducks, Eris Vanserra, 80% of men, kind of claustrophobic,
Kinks: (Optional)

Birthplace: Autumn Court
Current Residence: Autumn Court
History: I don't know far back, but when Amarantha came she could have been safer than most as a member of the Autumn Court, but she chose to stay utm, posing as a member of another court, and helped heal injuries inflicted by Amarantha and those under her command. When Feyre freed them, she left with her court, and lived as a healer until the war w/ hybern.
Family: She's an only child, her parents are pretty great although they both snore loudly.
Friends: Her friends are spread over courts as a result of how often she used to travel, and she's reluctant to let any new people into her circle. Her old best friend died during Amarantha's reign, and she lowkey blames herself.
Relationships: She has slight commitment issues and a major crush on Mor

Appearance: Long, dark brown hair, green-blue-gray eyes (that shade where no one actually knows what color to call them), she's short but has long legs, a narrow, crooked nose
Tattoos: Nah
Birthmarks & Scars: No birthmarks, some scars from falls when she was little on her knees, some on various parts of her body from fights, a bunch on her nose which she keeps breaking,
Attire: I don't even know what Autumn Court fashion is, but I guess generally she wears looser dresses or just plain pants and shirts. She has an awesome pair of sunglasses that she will definitely wear indoors if they look good with her outfit. She always wears hoops and her hair up, and prefers boots.
Weapons: Daggers
Other carried items: A book, first aid kit basically, money, a silver necklace with her first initial


Theme Song: Idfc by the Blackbears or something like that
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