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How to Roleplay.

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How to Roleplay.

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:26 pm


You've made your character.
You've bought them some powers.
You've spent 500 words describing their exact eye colour.

You want to roleplay.

But quick question: What the heck even is, roleplaying?

So roleplaying is basically where a bunch of people come together to write a story with others, written through the eyes of their separate characters. It's like crowdsourced fanfiction. Or Skyrim, but with friends. But just as much shouting.

To start roleplaying, you could do perhaps one of the following:

  • Post a thread in the 'Find Some Partners' section advertising what sort of roleplay you'd like to do, what sort of character you'd like to roleplay with/what relationship you'd like to have with them, and then... wait for someone to message you!
  • Message someone who's already put a request with their character(s) up!
  • Just start a thread in one of the locations, with your character doing a something, and see who jumps in and joins. Remember to write [OPEN] on the title to let people know they can join in.
  • Join in with any RP thread that says [OPEN] in the title.

When it comes to making your roleplay thread, find the location/timeline/AU section that matches where or when you'd like to set your roleplay. You can then think of your character as being 'in' this place/time. Then... go right ahead! Write an introduction that could be anything, your character sitting at home getting smashed, or venturing out on an epic quest for booty. (Whether that booty is treasure or literal booty is up to you!)


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