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THE Power Shop

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THE Power Shop

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:01 am

[PLEASE NOTE: Points earned by 1 Character CAN be used for another character, INCLUDING New Characters]

Cost: 5 Points
- Manipulation of Birthplace's Element/Magic
- Sense Life-force (Range: 50 Meters)
- Competent with 1 Weapon/Fighting Technique

Skills: 10 Points
Characters can have hobbies and skills without 'buying' a skill, but skills grant you an 'expert' competency in any of these areas, so it can serve as a profession/tradeable skill. Feel free to create your own. The following are a few examples/ideas:
- Charisma/Allure
- Any Art Skill
- Acting
- 1 Craft Trade (e.g. Smithing, Carpentry, Silverwork)

Cost: 10 Points
- Mental Shields
- Advanced with 1 Weapon/Fighting Techniuque
- Magical Healing (Others)
- Illyrian (Race)
- Peregryn (Race)
- Seraphim (Race)
- Witchcraft: Basics (Humans Only)*

Cost: 20 Points
- Winnowing
- Mental Reading
- Control of 1 Element not Native to Birthplace
- Koschei's Curse (Bound to 1 Bird Form)
- Magical Healing (Self)
- One Siphon (Illyrian Only)
- Seer
- Advanced Witchcraft (Human Only)*

Cost: 50 Points
- Mental Influence & Manipulation
- Master of 1 Weapon/Fighting Technique
- Koschei's Curse: Elemental Bird Edition (Fire, Water, Earth, or Air)
- Ability to detect Truths vs Lies
- Cauldron Made Fae (Race)

Cost: 100 Points
- Shadowsinger
- Angelic Blessing (Fire transformation: Limited to Once a Week. Blood Feeding must occur Weekly)
- Old God (Race)
- Witchcraft Mastery (Human Only)*
- Suriel (Race)

*Witchcraft: The creation of spells, preformed through rituals, chants, sacrifices, and enchanted items. Has no elemental boundaries, but requires time, prior preparation, and the speed depends on the element used (see below). Different people have different affinities for different elements. Available only to humans. NOTE THAT: If you want your spells to effect other people's characters in a certain way, or the plot involving them, this must be discussed with the player first.


Fire - Effects are immediate. A one off 'quick-fix', but often has unintended consequences. Good for emotion + fire magic, exorcisms/cleansing and destructive spells.
Air - Effects occur within a week. Good for divination, spirit communication, and wisdom. Also good for storm magic and astral travel.
Water - Effects occur following the cycle of one full moon cycle (will grow in power as the moon becomes fuller, and will taper as it waxes). Not very effective if cast during the dark moon. Excellent at altering fate, changing people's intentions, effecting outcomes. Sea + River witchcraft are well suited to this, as is astral travel, enchanting talismans and objects, and healing magic.
Earth - Effects extremely slow and gradual. However, they build over time to have very permanent and long lasting effects. Good for nature + plant magic, necromancy, banishing, and curses.


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